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The most common methods in Brazilian biomedical science

Atualizado: 1 de nov. de 2018

Have you ever wondered if Western blots are more commonly used than ELISA? Or if the elevated plus maze is more common than the Morris water maze?

These are questions that we, from the Brazilian Reproducibility Initiative, must answer. After all, we would like to direct our replication efforts towards the kind of experiment that is commonly performed in Brazilian science.

At the current stage of the Initiative, this is exactly what we are trying to do. And right now we are making the first results available through the Open Science Framework.

The list of the most common methods includes techniques that are old friends of anyone who has ever spent some time in a biomedical laboratory:

To see a complete list of the methods, understand how we obtained the data and how analysis was performed and to see all other results - the graphs as well as the raw data - just check our OSF page (

The next step is to go deeper in this question, to better understand how each of these methods is utilized in Brazilian science.

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By Kleber Neves

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