Here are some ways to be a part of the Brazilian Reproducibility Initiative:

Prediction Markets

   Can scientists predict the success of a replication from features of the original article or experiment? Other replication initiatives have used the ’wisdom of crowds’ to address this question, by having researchers bet on the chances of successful replication of various studies in a prediction market. And the market has done well – in a study of replications from social science articles published in Science and Nature, for example, markets had good accuracy in determining the success of replication (Camerer et al., 2018).

   The Brazilian Reproducibility Initiative has established a partnership with Harvard University and the University of Stockholm to create a prediction market based on our results, and you can participate! If you are interested in making predictions on the experiments we will be replicating, fill our pre-registration form to be warned when recruitment begins!

Laboratory Registration

Our registration period for collaborators is now closed.

Public Consultation on Review Forms

    If you are have expertise in one of our candidate techniques, you can help by reviewing and giving your opinion about the forms we have developed to report the methodological details of each experiment. We already have some forms available for review!


Future opportunities will also be announced in this page!

Apoio & Realização
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